Our Products

air conditioning equipment
Lead Airtec supplies a variety of air conditioning equipment that are customized based on purpose, place, and space.

Our products vary from chillers to air handling units for large indoor and outdoor spaces, packaged units for outdoor installations on the ground or roof level, swimpools for indoor swimming pool dehumidification, SKM VRF for energy efficient small and medium air conditioning projects, ducted mini split systems for apartments and small residencies, condensing units for indoor units connected to remote condensing units located outdoors, split units with ceiling suspended indoor air handlers and floor mounted outdoor condensing units, fan coil units for the most air conditioning requirements and decorative units for indoor office spaces, halls, hospitals and hotels.


pipe support systems


An efficient home is only complete with quality pipe support systems, and at Lead Airtec we strive to bring only the best for you. Our products include materials for anti-vibration systems, floor drains, pipe hangers, fasteners, dielectric fittings, cable trays, pipes, conduits, and earthing accessories.
“ you name it ”
we cool it

What We Do

From providing high-quality service to internationally accredited products at Lead Airtec, quality and customer service are our number one priority. Our product lines are customized to suit specific needs of all our clients, and our partner brands have been recognized internationally for their designs. Together, we ensure that our customers never have to compromise on quality and can enjoy the best of products at the most affordable prices.